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  • Dres. Frank und Sirpa Becker, Anna Lisa Elsner

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  • Dres. Sirpa und Frank Becker, Anna Lisa Elsner

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Welcome at the ENT Clinic Alstertal (HNO-Zentrum Alstertal) in Hamburg

Welcome on our Internet presence of our ENT / Otorhinolaryngology Clinic. You will find all information of our attending doctors and our services, but also all relevant news regarding Otorhinolaryngology.

It is our aim, to organise your treatment as convenient as possible for you. The combination of our integral medicine and the highest level of the expertise of our medical specialists will guarantee your diagnostic and therapeutic assurance. Our joint approach of highest patients confidence and the competent medical care in a friendly atmosphere will lead to your fast recovery.

Our diagnostic and therapeutic methods are state of the art and in accordance with the newest scientific and technical standards, which normally are only available at University Clinics.

Our team is looking forward welcoming you in our modern and well-equipped Clinic facility at Heegbarg No 16 in 22391 Hamburg.

To make your appointment, please contact us during medical hours: +49 (0)40 606 50 37.

As privately insured please call +49 (0)40 69 79 70 40.

Alternatively you can contact us at any time via the contact link or send us an email to praxis(at)hno-zentrum-alstertal.de.

Thank you very much.


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